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Rs 55.00 - 90.00 - 190.00
Indication:?Day time fatigue, Stress, anxiety,Restore mental alertness,Nutritive and restorative General tonic for all ages, For better assimilation of food and digestion,An appetite stimulant,Improves defensive mechanism,Especially formulated for general health.Description:?Nutritive and restorative ,An appetite stimulant ,Formula for all ages.Composition:?Alfalfa ? ,Avena Sativa ??,China ??,Five Phos 6x,Lecithin? 3x,Ginseng? ?,Ginkgo Biloba???


Rs 90.00 - 190.00
Indications: Helpful for ,Irregular periods, ovarian Cysts, fibroids.Treats all reproductive,Feminine problems effectively.?A complete solution for female common problems Description:?100% Safe and effective formula.No side effects.Helpful For all reproductive problems.?Ashoka feminilic flournexe, Strengthening formula, best choice, For female reproductive problems Composition:?Ashoka ,Abroma Aug ?,China ?,Berberis Vulg ?

Baby Tonic

Rs 55.00 - 90.00 - 190.00
Indications:?Public Baby Tonic is a Supportive Homeopathic tonic for Children and infants,Helps to improve growth, appetite, iron and calcium levels Helpful in delayed dentition, flatulence, stomach discomfort and all stomach problems Promotes bone and tissue growth. COMPOSITION:?Alfalfa ?, Ginkgo ?,Zingiber ?, Ferrum Met 6x,Citrus Limonium 3x


Supportive to Calcium Supplement for different agesIndications:?Growing Children,elderly patients,Osteoporsis,fractures,Pregnancy & lactation,Aches in muscles,Teeth discoloration,Poor appetite. Composition:?Alfalfa (Medico Sativa) ?,Calcarea Phos 3x,Calcarea Carbonica 3x


Rs 90.00 - 190.00
Indications:?The symptoms of kidney,stones, dialysis, nephrotic syndrome.Useful and effective formula for kidney disorders. Description:?Reducing urea & creatinine ,100% Homoeopathic ,Good out come,Safe & effective ,No side effects Composition:?Epigaea repens,Berberis Vulgaris,Pareira Brava,Solidago,Sarsaparilla ,Hydrangea,Sencio Auro,Apis Mell,Kali Citricum


Supportive to Relives Colic and Stomach Cramps in Infants Oral Suspension For Children Indicated in:?Stomach pain, cramp causing. severe pain, crying, disturbed sleep, restlessness, abdominal pain in children. Composition:?Alfalfa ? , Zingiber ?, Mentha Pipreta ?, Cinammom 1X, Magnesium Phosphoricum 6X, Chamomile Vulgaris 3X


Rs 55.00 - 90.00 - 190.00
A SUPPORTIVE SOLUTION TO RESTORE ESSENTIAL FLUIDS, ELECTROLYTES & MINERALS Indications:?Electrolyte replenisher for the treatment and prevention of dehydration .Fast and effective replacement of lost water and body salts.Clinically proven to reduce diarrhea and dehydration. Composition;?Zincum Sulph 3X,Mag. Sulph 3X,Natrum Mure 3X,China 1X,Podophyllum 3X


Rs 55.00 - 90.00 - 190.00
HELPFUL FOR COLD & FLU Indications:?Upper respiratory tract support.Nasal and chest congestion.All respiratory problems and allergies due to pollutants, cough, with or without sputum, cough with wheezing.Safe & natural homeopathic formula. Description:?Broad spectrum relief ,Cold & flu relief ,All in 1 formula ,Relieves nasal congestion Composition:?Zingiber ?,Glycyrrhiza Glabra ?,Cinnamomum ?,Curcuma Longa ?,Mentha Peprita ?,Ammonium Mur 3X ,Camphor 3X

Gastolic Syp

Rs 55.00 - 90.00 - 190.00
Instant Relief Formula Indication: Nausea, Vomiting, Acidity, Gastritis Description: Gastro esophageal, refluxes, prevents from all types of vomiting & abdominal discomfort. Composition: Mentha pip ? , Zingiber off ?, Carbo veg 6X, Nux vomica 3X


Rs 95.00 - 90.00 - 190.00
LIVER CARE FORMULA, FOR ALL LIVER, DISCOMFORTS & JAUNDICE Indication: Homoeopathic formula ,Improves liver ,function Description: Jaundice ,Loss of appetite,Bile problems ,Fatty liver,Alcoholic Liver disease Composition: Carduus Mar ?,Curcurma longa ? ,Myrica cerifera ?,Nat sulph 3X

Irolic Tonic

Rs 90.00 - 190.00
Safe & Effective, Natural Formula helpful For Anaemia , Iron Deficiency Indication : Helpful For anemic patients or those who lack RBC?s.Vital formula for red blood cells formation. Composition: China 3X, Ferrem lacticum 1X,Ferrum met 6X

Korean Red Gensing

Indication: Strengthens & boots immune system,Promotes health defense Description: Strengthens immune System.Helps to fight against stress and diseases, Especially for Mussular Pain,Strain and Sprains Composition: Ginseng ?,Alfalfa ?


Supportive for Productive & Non-Productive Cough Indications: Helpful for all types of cough like spasmodic, allergic, whooping arising from infections of throat and chest.Chronic Cough with expectoration in cases of asthma, bronchitis. Description: Aids rerlief from infection,Chronic cough,Expectoration in asthma, bronchitis Composition: Hedera Helix ?,Glycyrrhiza ?,Mentha Piperita ?,Zingiber ?,Camphor 6x,Ammonium Mur 3x


Rs 55.00 - 90.00 - 190.00
Cough Syrup, Non Drowsy Indications: Supportive Therapy for instant ,relief of dry cough and wet cough,Cough with or without sputum, cough with wheezing, bronchitis,Soothes sore throat,Immune boosting formula. Description: Dry cough/wet cough,Soothes sore throat,Cough suppressant and expectorant Composition: Zingiber off ?,Ammonium mur 3X,Glycyrrhiza glabra 1X,Hedera helix 1X,Piper Nigrum 1X

Mathi Chord

Indication: UNIQUE AND COMPLETE ,SOLUTION FOR EARTH LICKING ,DESIRE FOR INDIGESTIBLE Description: Effective treatment for earth-licking.Diminishes the desire for eating non edible items Composition: Alfalfa ?,Nux Vomica ?,Kali Phos 3x,Cina 3X,Silicea 3X,Ferrum Met 3X,Citrus Limonium 3x


Rs 90.00 - 195.00
Homoeopathic Antibiotic Formula, Fast relief and natural prevention, Safe,Effective,Reliable Indications: Helpful for the relieve of all type of viral and bacterial infections.Helps restore balance of body microflora.Supports healthy life. Description: Supports healthy life Eradicate critical bacterial and viral infections Composition: Echinacea ? ,Curcuma Longa ?,Allium Sativum ?

Smile Up

Tonic For Children Indications: Smile Up Tonic helps to ,Improve growth, appetite,iron , calcium levels, bones and tissues,Helpful in irritation symptoms and all stomach problems. Description: Irritation between ,growth period,Promotes healthy ,growth functions,Naturally optimizes,immune system Composition: Alfalfa ?,Zingiber ?,Cinnamomum ? ,Mentha Peperita ?,Foeniculum Vul ?,Trachyspermum Ammi 1X ,Chamomilla 3X,Capsicum Ann 3X,Citrus Limonium 3x


Helpful for the Relief of Digestive system Indications: Help forIndigestion,stomach disordeos.Sour erucation,flatulence.Acidity,constipation.Burning in chest and stomach Chronic tendency of irregular bowel movements.Distension of abdomen even after eating a little food.Loss of appetite with apathy to food.Loud Rumbling belching with acidic secretion in mouth. Composition: Zingiber Off , Mentah Piperita,Hydrastis,Chin


Rs 55.00 - 90.00 - 190.00
Supportive for anti Pyretic, Analgesic and Anti inflammatory Indication: All types of fever due to cold, pain, muscles aches, chest infection and lethargy due to fever. Description: Instant relief for pain and reduces fever. Safe & effective for children Composition: Echniacea ?,Cinnamum ?,Zingiber ?,Eucalyptus ?,Curcuma Longa ?,Mentha Piperita ?


Indication: Homoeopathic medicine helpful for eradication and expulsion of worms in the digestive tract of the children.Presence of worms causes itching at the bottom, general irritability, behaviourial changes and restless sleep in children. Composition: Alfalfa ?,Echinacea ?,Cina 6X,Calcarea Phos 6X