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HELPFUL FOR HEART AND GENERAL PROBLEMS, SPECIAL Formula for old ages Indications: Support for heart muscles, Improve the arteries and veins blood flow, Immune Booster, Best for old peoples Presentation: 240 ml

Ab-e-Sehat Syp

Indications: Helpful to prevent artery blockage and heart ailment, Enhances immune system. Helps control cholesterol, improves blood circulation and helps maintain healthy heart function. Beneficial for skin and related tissues. Helpful to lose weight. Helpful in conditions such as arthritis, gout and joint aches, Helpful to improve digestion, A tonic for all ages. Composition:?Zingiber ?,?Allium sat ?,?Avena Sativa ?, Moringa Oliefera??,?Craetegus Oxy ?, Nigella Sativa 1x, Citrus Lemonium 3x, Nux Vomica 3x Presentation: 240 ml

Aktive Tonic

Active Body and Mind,Energy and alertness ,Formula Indications: Optimal physical and mental Performance, Boosts energy, Daily performance, concentration and reflexes Natural energy supplement, Excellent anti-oxidant effect and helps in hormonal functions, Maintains healthy nerves, Prevent muscle spasms, Leg cramps, hand numbness etc. Composition: Alfalfa ?,Ginsing ?,Ginkgo Biloba ?,Tribulus Ter ? Presentation: 240ml


Indications: Homeopathic medicine for the treatment and prevention of allergic reactions including eczema, itchy, swollen, red or dry skin.Description Composition: Sabadilla3x,Eupatorium Perf 3x,Ferrum Phos 3x,Natrum Mur 12x,Baptisia 3x Presentation: 30 ml

Alfa Ginsing

Strength,Energy, Vitality,Super Potent Indications: Alfalfa Ginseng combination is an excellent tonic, Helpful for physical and mental exhaustion, anxiety due to overwork, Recommended for subside anaemia, loss of appetite, convalescence especially after debilitating feners,pregnancy surgical operations and loss of weight. Composition: Alfalfa ?,Ginseng ?, Zingiber off ?,Avena Sativa ? ,China 3x Presentation: 240 ml


Rs 55.00 - 90.00 - 190.00
Indication:?Day time fatigue, Stress, anxiety,Restore mental alertness,Nutritive and restorative General tonic for all ages, For better assimilation of food and digestion,An appetite stimulant,Improves defensive mechanism,Especially formulated for general health.Description:?Nutritive and restorative ,An appetite stimulant ,Formula for all ages.Composition:?Alfalfa ? ,Avena Sativa ??,China ??,Five Phos 6x,Lecithin? 3x,Ginseng? ?,Ginkgo Biloba???


Tablets For Stomch Problems and ulcer, Indication: Treats the problems of elementary canal, stool mixed with blood & mucus, all types of ulceration. Acts as a Gastric Shield,Gastrointestinal support, Tablets For Stomch Problems and ulcer. Composition: Piper nigrum 3x ,Nux vomica 3x,Asafoetida 3x , Carbo veg 3x,Nat. sulph 6x ,Arg. Nit. 3D


Helpful for rheumatic & arthritic pain Indications: Promotes joints flexibility, Instant pain reliever, Best to Relief for Pain in Joints, For sprain and strains Description: A Unique combination of Homeopathic remedies for Rheumatic & arthritic Pain and effective to maintain healthy and Flexible Joints. Composition: Bryonia Alba 2x,Rhus tox 200,Thuja 3x,Ledum pal 200,Acetanilidum 3x,Belladonna 200,Arnica 200 Presentation: 240 ml


Rs 90.00 - 190.00
Indications: Helpful for ,Irregular periods, ovarian Cysts, fibroids.Treats all reproductive,Feminine problems effectively.?A complete solution for female common problems Description:?100% Safe and effective formula.No side effects.Helpful For all reproductive problems.?Ashoka feminilic flournexe, Strengthening formula, best choice, For female reproductive problems Composition:?Ashoka ,Abroma Aug ?,China ?,Berberis Vulg ?

Baby Tonic

Rs 55.00 - 90.00 - 190.00
Indications:?Public Baby Tonic is a Supportive Homeopathic tonic for Children and infants,Helps to improve growth, appetite, iron and calcium levels Helpful in delayed dentition, flatulence, stomach discomfort and all stomach problems Promotes bone and tissue growth. COMPOSITION:?Alfalfa ?, Ginkgo ?,Zingiber ?, Ferrum Met 6x,Citrus Limonium 3x


( Bed Wetting Tablet?s) Indications: Reduces bed-wetting and nervousness in children,Homeopathic safe remedy Composition: Equisetum 200 ,Causticum 200,Kali phos 6x, Kreosote 200,Belladonna 200, Medorrhinum 200


Supportive to Calcium Supplement for different agesIndications:?Growing Children,elderly patients,Osteoporsis,fractures,Pregnancy & lactation,Aches in muscles,Teeth discoloration,Poor appetite. Composition:?Alfalfa (Medico Sativa) ?,Calcarea Phos 3x,Calcarea Carbonica 3x


Indications:?Calcilic-D Tablets, Homeopathic Calcium Deficiency Medicine helps in absorption. utilization and maintenance of calcium,Relieves pain in bones and muscle weakness,Influences development of bone structure, strengthens teeth and immune defense system Description: Improves Calcium assimilation, Strengthens bone and body resistance,Reduces physical fatigue ,Maintains tissue elasticity ,Effective for Men, Women & Children. Composition: Active Ingredients:,Calcarea Carbonica 3x,Calcarea Phosphorica 3x,Ferrum Phos 3x Natrum Phos 3x,Urtica Urens Q, Alfalfa Q,Excipeints Q.S. Presentation: 20 Tablets


Rs 90.00 - 190.00
Indications:?The symptoms of kidney,stones, dialysis, nephrotic syndrome.Useful and effective formula for kidney disorders. Description:?Reducing urea & creatinine ,100% Homoeopathic ,Good out come,Safe & effective ,No side effects Composition:?Epigaea repens,Berberis Vulgaris,Pareira Brava,Solidago,Sarsaparilla ,Hydrangea,Sencio Auro,Apis Mell,Kali Citricum


Helpful for Kidney Disorders Indications: Alleviates the symptoms of kidney stones, infection, pain and nephritic syndrome.Useful and effective formula for kidney disorders and urinary tract Infections. Composition: Berberis Vulg ?,Cantharis ?,Pareira Brava ?,Traxacum ? Presentation: 30 ml


An Ideal Remedy for Cholesterol Indications: Homoeopathic medicine for increased cholesterol levels in the body causing a risk of heart disease, decreased blood flow to brain, lethargy, lazziness. Composition: Cynara Scolymus 3x,Solidago Virgaurea 1x,Taraxacum aff ?,Guatteria ,Gaumeri ?,Allium Sat ? Presentation: 30 ml


Helps to control Cholesterol and strength of heart Indication: High Cholesterol levels (Hypercholesterolemia),Mixed dyslipidemia,Prevention of cardiovascular disease. Description: Helps to maintain normal cholesterol level,Supports better cardiovascular health,Safe Homoeopathic remedy Composition: Allium Sat. ? Glycyrrhiza Glab ?,Chionanthus Virg ?,Curcum Long ?


Supportive to Relives Colic and Stomach Cramps in Infants Oral Suspension For Children Indicated in:?Stomach pain, cramp causing. severe pain, crying, disturbed sleep, restlessness, abdominal pain in children. Composition:?Alfalfa ? , Zingiber ?, Mentha Pipreta ?, Cinammom 1X, Magnesium Phosphoricum 6X, Chamomile Vulgaris 3X


SUPPORTIVE TO EFFECTIVE CONSTIPATION RELIEF FORMULA Indications: Trusted for guaranteed relief,Gentle, predictable, overnight relief,Helps to restore natural rhythm of stomach/digestive system. Description: A natural and proper way to Treat any Type of constipation. It is permanent relief therapy. Composition: Prunus ? ,Cascara Sagrada ? ,Senna 3X ,Croton tig 1X Presentation: 240 ml


Indications: Fast relief of acid indigestion,Heart burn, Symptoms of Gas,Reflex oesophagitis pressure and bloating . Description: Public Pharma is Best selling and Quick result oriental product for Instant Acidity relief Formula Composition: Zingiber off ? ,Mentha peprita ? Presentation: 240 ml

Crataegus oxy

Helpful for Heart Drops Indications: For chest pain (Angina) ,Hi blood pressure,In regular heart beat ,Blood circulation problem Composition: Cratagus Oxy ?,Catctus Grandi ?,Valeriana Off ?,Allium Sativa ?,Camphora 1x Presentation: 30 ml


Rs 55.00 - 90.00 - 190.00
A SUPPORTIVE SOLUTION TO RESTORE ESSENTIAL FLUIDS, ELECTROLYTES & MINERALS Indications:?Electrolyte replenisher for the treatment and prevention of dehydration .Fast and effective replacement of lost water and body salts.Clinically proven to reduce diarrhea and dehydration. Composition;?Zincum Sulph 3X,Mag. Sulph 3X,Natrum Mure 3X,China 1X,Podophyllum 3X


Heart Tone up Drops Indications: A highly efficacious formula to tone up the heart. It checks: Angina, Arrhythmia Hypertrophy of heart, cardiac dropsy, coronary artery diseases. Composition: Ignatia ?, Strophanthus ?, Convallaria ?, Cactus ?, Crataegus ?, Valeriana ?, Lobelia Inf ?, Camphor 2x Dosage: 10-15 drops in some water before meals, 3 times a day or as directed by the Physician. Presentation: 20 ml


Helpful for Diabetes Indications: Frequent Urination. Fatigue.Weight gain.Unusual weight loss.Intensive thirst & hunger.Bruises that do not heal. Composition: Cephalandra Indica O,Gymnema Syl O,Syzygium Jambolanum O,Crataegus Oxy O,Acidum Phos O,Abroma Aug O,Chionanthus vir O Presentation: 30 ml