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Rs 90.00 - 190.00
Indications:?The symptoms of kidney,stones, dialysis, nephrotic syndrome.Useful and effective formula for kidney disorders. Description:?Reducing urea & creatinine ,100% Homoeopathic ,Good out come,Safe & effective ,No side effects Composition:?Epigaea repens,Berberis Vulgaris,Pareira Brava,Solidago,Sarsaparilla ,Hydrangea,Sencio Auro,Apis Mell,Kali Citricum


Helpful for Kidney Disorders Indications: Alleviates the symptoms of kidney stones, infection, pain and nephritic syndrome.Useful and effective formula for kidney disorders and urinary tract Infections. Composition: Berberis Vulg ?,Cantharis ?,Pareira Brava ?,Traxacum ? Presentation: 30 ml


Helpful For Kidney Infection and Stone Indications: Homoeopathic preparation helpful support the excretion of concrement (protein concretions, calculi) and toxins deposited in the kidney cells, and helps restore normal kidney function Composition: Berberis vulgaris ?,Pareira Brava ?,Solidago ?,Hydrangea ?,Epigaea repens 2x,Cantharis 1x Dosage: 10-15 drops in some water before meals, 3 times a day or as directed by the Physician. Presentation: 20 ml

PC-74 Stonolic

Helpful For Kidney Stones Indications: Supports the excretion of concrement deposited in the kidney cells and helps restore normal Kidney function. Composition: Berberis vulgaris ?,Sarsaparilla ?,Solidago virg ?,Epigaea Rep 1x,Pareira Brava ?,Hydrangea ? Presentation: 30 ML