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Vitolic Drops

Nurtures - Protects ? Strengthens Indications: Muscular weakness. Low energy level due to routine work. Weak immune system. Helps to support a long and healthy life span. Complete health restorative tonic for whole family. Helps to restore energy and vitality and colors of life. Slows down aging clock. Composition: Tribulus Terr O,Ginseng O,Alfalfa O,Ginkgo O,Zingiber O Presentation: 30 ml

Vitolic Syp

Indications: Supportive therapy for Complete nutrients that promotes growth and development, Clinically Proven against tiredness and lack of energy, Enhances mental and physical capacity,(Multivitamins & Minerals) ,For the Prophylaxis of aged infirmities,retrated convalescence, vitamin-mineral deficiencies,(A today?s Support for Tomorrow?s Success),Reduces nutritional deficiency, infection, risk on aging process,(Strong bones, Strong Family) Description: A Homeopathic Rich Source of multivitamins & minerals Source. Composition: Gentiana ,Alfalfa ,Ginkgo ,Ginseng Presentation: 240 ml