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Indications: Anemia Decrease levels of hemoglobin during pregnancy and lactation Blood loss due to menstrual problems,Ferrolic increases the level of Hemoglobin, vemoues debility. Description: The Complete Syrup tonic for deficiency, Anemia, Pale conditions. A Powerful to healthy life Tonic. Composition: Ferrum Phosphoricum 3x,China Off 3x,Ferrum Muriaticum 3x,Ferrum Metallicum 3x Presentation: 240 ml


Anemia Drpos Indications: Homoeopathic preparation for iron deficiency (anemia). Composition: Leptandra ?, Cyclamen 6x, Ferrum Metallicum 2x, China 1x, Acidum phosphoricum 1x Dosage: 10-15 drops in some water before meals, 3 times a day or as directed by the Physician. Presentation: 20 ml

PC-52 Rotlic

Helpful For Anemia Indications: Helpful for treatment of anemia,regeneration of cells following blood loss and prevention of iron deficiency. Composition: China 1x,Ferrum Met 6x,Acid Phos 1x,Kali Phos 6x,Urtica 3xChina 1x,Ferrum Met 6x,Acid Phos 1x,Kali Phos 6x,Urtica 3x Presentation: 30 ML

Sharbat-e-Anareen Syp

Indications: Acts as an appetite stimulant.Helps in digestion of food.Reduces obesity and help to decrease cholesterol levels.General tonic for hair and dental problems.Improves cardiovascular health. Possesses anti aging properties.Improves bone strength. Description: Prevents Anaemia,Improves Immunity, Improves Memory, Improves Digestion, Rich in Vitamins &Minerals Composition: Pomegranate (Granatum) O ,Cinchona O,Natrum Mur 3x,Ferrum Sulphuricum 3x, Presentation: 240 ml