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Tablets For Stomch Problems and ulcer, Indication: Treats the problems of elementary canal, stool mixed with blood & mucus, all types of ulceration. Acts as a Gastric Shield,Gastrointestinal support, Tablets For Stomch Problems and ulcer. Composition: Piper nigrum 3x ,Nux vomica 3x,Asafoetida 3x , Carbo veg 3x,Nat. sulph 6x ,Arg. Nit. 3D


( Bed Wetting Tablet?s) Indications: Reduces bed-wetting and nervousness in children,Homeopathic safe remedy Composition: Equisetum 200 ,Causticum 200,Kali phos 6x, Kreosote 200,Belladonna 200, Medorrhinum 200


Indications:?Calcilic-D Tablets, Homeopathic Calcium Deficiency Medicine helps in absorption. utilization and maintenance of calcium,Relieves pain in bones and muscle weakness,Influences development of bone structure, strengthens teeth and immune defense system Description: Improves Calcium assimilation, Strengthens bone and body resistance,Reduces physical fatigue ,Maintains tissue elasticity ,Effective for Men, Women & Children. Composition: Active Ingredients:,Calcarea Carbonica 3x,Calcarea Phosphorica 3x,Ferrum Phos 3x Natrum Phos 3x,Urtica Urens Q, Alfalfa Q,Excipeints Q.S. Presentation: 20 Tablets


Helps to control Cholesterol and strength of heart Indication: High Cholesterol levels (Hypercholesterolemia),Mixed dyslipidemia,Prevention of cardiovascular disease. Description: Helps to maintain normal cholesterol level,Supports better cardiovascular health,Safe Homoeopathic remedy Composition: Allium Sat. ? Glycyrrhiza Glab ?,Chionanthus Virg ?,Curcum Long ?


Relieves stomachache, Nausea and Acidity Indication: Offers complete digestive tract support,Stimulates proper digestion,Most effective stomach formula. Acidity , Nausea ,Stomatitis ,Vomiting ,Stomachache Composition: Prunus domestica Q , Chamomile Q,Traxacum officinale Q ,Nux vomica 3x,Foeniculum vulgare Q ,Carbo veg.6X,Mentha Piperita 2x


TABLETS FOR BLOOD PRESSURE Indications: Complete blood pressure support, Helps to maintain your blood pressure, Hypertension regulating formula, Supports cardiovascular function.Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure Composition: Allium sativum Q ,Ocimum San Q,Crataegus Oxyacantha Q,Rauwolfia Q , Passiflora Q


Anaemia ,Iron Deficiency Indications: For anemic patients or those who lack RBC?s, Vital Formula for red blood cells formation. Composition: Active Ingredients: China 3x Nat Phos 1x,Ferrum lacticum 1x,Ferrum met 6x

MV Fit

(Enriched with Natural Vitamins and Minerals) Indications: Helpful Or Supportive Therapy,Tones up the nerves, blood vessels and bones,Removes general debility, due to any cause,Helpful for memory loss, old ages problems, Lactation ,mothers, Prolonged, illness & work overload.Enriched with Natural Vitamins and Minerals Composition: Tribulus Terrestris Q, Ginseng Q,Zingiber Q, Curcuma Longa Q,Alfalfa Q, China Officinalis 2x,Calcarea Phos 3x, Ferrum Phos 3x


NATURAL ANTI BIOTIC TABLETS Indication: For the treatment of all types of,Viral, bacterial infections,Eradicate critical bacterial and viral infection Compostion: Active Ingredients: Echinacea 1X ,Aconite 3X,Zingiber ? ,Belladonna 2X Presentation: 20 Tablets


The Fastest FAT Burner ,TABLETS FOR OBESITY Indications: Suppress appetite and combat your cravings,Decrease your fat. Composition: Allium Sativum Q,Garcinia Morella Q,Cynara Sco 1X Presentation: 20 Tablets


Relieves pain and inflammation, Indications: Helps relieve,Muscular and joint pains,Headache and backache,Effectively targets painful areas. Description: EFFECTIVE,PAIN RELIEF,Headache,Backache,Muscular Pain,Fever,Relieves pain and inflammation Composition: Acetanilidum 3X ,Arnica 3X,Guaicum Q ,Mag phos 6X,Hypericum Q Presentation: 20 Tablets


For Sinusitis, Running nose, sneezing?and other related problems Indications: Acute Viral attack of cold ,Acute or chronic catarrh,Paranasal inflammation Description: Rhinitis,Paranasal sinus blockage Composition: Active Ingredients: Capsicum 4x Echinacea 6x,Kreosotum 8x Thuja occ. 3x,Plantago Maj ? Presentation: 20 Tablets

Smoke Away

TABLETS TO QUIT SMOKING Indications: Reach new heights with a tobacco-free life,Stop smoking - Start Repairing. Composition: Five phos 6X ,Medorrhinum 200,Caladium 200 ,Cadmium Sulph 200,Lobelia 30 Presentation: 20 Tablets


TABLETS FOR TONSILLITIS Homoeopathic formula Helpful for the treatment of tonsillitis (acute or chronic) Indications: Homeopathic formula for the treatment of tonsillitis (acute or chronic),Difficulty in swallowing, coughing, myalgia, fever and chills. Composition: Belladonna 200 ,Phytolacca Americana Q,Ferr phos 6x , Merc Iod. Flav. 6x,Merc Iod. Rub. 6x, Iodum 30,Hepar sulph 200 ,Phenacetinum 3x Presentation: 20 Tablets


Indications: Helpful for Gout, Degenerative inflammatory Diseases of smaller Joints, Painful swelling Description: swelling, inflammation and joint pain,Relieve the symptoms of gout Composition: Colchicum ? , Guaiacum ?,Berberis Vulgaris ?, Rhustox 3x,Acid Benz 3x, Ledum Pal 3x Presentation: 20 Tables


KEEP UP YOUR NATURAL DRIVE Indications: Helpful for the erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, depression, loss of self-confidence, low sperm levels in males. Description: Boost up desire,Feel & look stronger ,Get your confidence back, KEEP UP YOUR NATURAL DRIVE Composition: Vigolic helpful for :Tribulus terrestris Q , Ginkgo biloba Q,Yohimbinum Q , Selenium met 3x,Ginseng Q , Zincum Sulph 3x,Crocus Sativus Q ,Ashwagandha Q Presentation: 20 Tablets


(Multi Vitamin Homoeopathic Formula) Indications: Vitamilic is indicated to regulate metabolism thus lowering the risk of development of chronic diseases and improves inter-cell communication A Product full of mineral and Vitamins Description: Energizer formula for ,Bones strength - Heart health - Immunity - Healthy skin, Multi Vitamin Homoeopathic Formula Composition: Zanthoxylum 30 ,Sabal serr 30,Aur Met 6X ,Kali Iod 12X,Prine Phas 3X Presentation: 20 Tables