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HELPFUL FOR HEART AND GENERAL PROBLEMS, SPECIAL Formula for old ages Indications: Support for heart muscles, Improve the arteries and veins blood flow, Immune Booster, Best for old peoples Presentation: 240 ml

Ab-e-Sehat Syp

Indications: Helpful to prevent artery blockage and heart ailment, Enhances immune system. Helps control cholesterol, improves blood circulation and helps maintain healthy heart function. Beneficial for skin and related tissues. Helpful to lose weight. Helpful in conditions such as arthritis, gout and joint aches, Helpful to improve digestion, A tonic for all ages. Composition:?Zingiber ?,?Allium sat ?,?Avena Sativa ?, Moringa Oliefera??,?Craetegus Oxy ?, Nigella Sativa 1x, Citrus Lemonium 3x, Nux Vomica 3x Presentation: 240 ml

Aktive Tonic

Active Body and Mind,Energy and alertness ,Formula Indications: Optimal physical and mental Performance, Boosts energy, Daily performance, concentration and reflexes Natural energy supplement, Excellent anti-oxidant effect and helps in hormonal functions, Maintains healthy nerves, Prevent muscle spasms, Leg cramps, hand numbness etc. Composition: Alfalfa ?,Ginsing ?,Ginkgo Biloba ?,Tribulus Ter ? Presentation: 240ml

Alfa Ginsing

Strength,Energy, Vitality,Super Potent Indications: Alfalfa Ginseng combination is an excellent tonic, Helpful for physical and mental exhaustion, anxiety due to overwork, Recommended for subside anaemia, loss of appetite, convalescence especially after debilitating feners,pregnancy surgical operations and loss of weight. Composition: Alfalfa ?,Ginseng ?, Zingiber off ?,Avena Sativa ? ,China 3x Presentation: 240 ml


Helpful for rheumatic & arthritic pain Indications: Promotes joints flexibility, Instant pain reliever, Best to Relief for Pain in Joints, For sprain and strains Description: A Unique combination of Homeopathic remedies for Rheumatic & arthritic Pain and effective to maintain healthy and Flexible Joints. Composition: Bryonia Alba 2x,Rhus tox 200,Thuja 3x,Ledum pal 200,Acetanilidum 3x,Belladonna 200,Arnica 200 Presentation: 240 ml


SUPPORTIVE TO EFFECTIVE CONSTIPATION RELIEF FORMULA Indications: Trusted for guaranteed relief,Gentle, predictable, overnight relief,Helps to restore natural rhythm of stomach/digestive system. Description: A natural and proper way to Treat any Type of constipation. It is permanent relief therapy. Composition: Prunus ? ,Cascara Sagrada ? ,Senna 3X ,Croton tig 1X Presentation: 240 ml


Indications: Fast relief of acid indigestion,Heart burn, Symptoms of Gas,Reflex oesophagitis pressure and bloating . Description: Public Pharma is Best selling and Quick result oriental product for Instant Acidity relief Formula Composition: Zingiber off ? ,Mentha peprita ? Presentation: 240 ml


Indications: Relieves heart burn, acidity, nausea, stomatitis, stomach ulcers, Complete and simple solution for all stomach chronic problems, Best to stimulate Digestive Description: A complete to permanent Solution for all chronic Problems?. Keep Stomach calm to healthy Composition: Zingiber ?,Cinomonium ?,Mentha pip ?,Carica papaya ? Presentation: 240 ml


Indications: Anemia Decrease levels of hemoglobin during pregnancy and lactation Blood loss due to menstrual problems,Ferrolic increases the level of Hemoglobin, vemoues debility. Description: The Complete Syrup tonic for deficiency, Anemia, Pale conditions. A Powerful to healthy life Tonic. Composition: Ferrum Phosphoricum 3x,China Off 3x,Ferrum Muriaticum 3x,Ferrum Metallicum 3x Presentation: 240 ml


NATURAL APPETIZER & GROWTH ,ENHANCER Indications: Mental & Physical Growth, Poor Digestion, Loss of weight,Dwarfness,Weak bones, Weak memory, Rich in Vegetables Fibers & Organic Minerals Composition: Alfalfa ?, Ginkgo Biloba ?, Ginseng ?, Zingiber ?, Cinnamomum 1x Presentation: 240 ml

Public Ginkgo

Indications: It?s Used to help all nervous system problems and weakness, Indicated for memory loss, vertigo and dizziness, Helpful for problems associated with thinking, memory and behavior, Prevents from brain hemorrhage, world wide most recommended product. Description: Brain & Nerves Tonic, Permutes memory health circulation to Brain .A gate way for mental alertness. Composition: Ginkgo Biloba ?,Avena Sativa ?,Alfalfa ? Presentation: 240 ml

Sharbat-e-Anareen Syp

Indications: Acts as an appetite stimulant.Helps in digestion of food.Reduces obesity and help to decrease cholesterol levels.General tonic for hair and dental problems.Improves cardiovascular health. Possesses anti aging properties.Improves bone strength. Description: Prevents Anaemia,Improves Immunity, Improves Memory, Improves Digestion, Rich in Vitamins &Minerals Composition: Pomegranate (Granatum) O ,Cinchona O,Natrum Mur 3x,Ferrum Sulphuricum 3x, Presentation: 240 ml

Sharbat-e-Faulad Syp

Indications: Helpful for,Iron Deficiency,Anemia,Blood loss,Pregnancy,Lactation,Active liver by increasing ,Red Blood Cells, A good for cnery age and group, Seasons round the year protection, Reduction of Fatigues and also Booster. Description: Traditionally used to increase Hemoglobin and Red Blood cell Composition: Alfalfa ?,China ? ,Gentiana ?,Ferrum Mat 3x,Ferrum Phos 3x,Lecithin 3x Presentation: 240 ml


Indications: For erectile dysfunction, Per-mature ejaculation,Lack of libido, Depression and loss of self-confidence, Low sperm level . Description: A Complete sonlative for male problem for Regular Treatment 100% Natural formula Composition: Alfalfa ?,Ginkgo Biloba ? ,Ginsing ?,Tribulus ?,Zincum Sulph 6X Presentation: 240 ml

Vitolic Syp

Indications: Supportive therapy for Complete nutrients that promotes growth and development, Clinically Proven against tiredness and lack of energy, Enhances mental and physical capacity,(Multivitamins & Minerals) ,For the Prophylaxis of aged infirmities,retrated convalescence, vitamin-mineral deficiencies,(A today?s Support for Tomorrow?s Success),Reduces nutritional deficiency, infection, risk on aging process,(Strong bones, Strong Family) Description: A Homeopathic Rich Source of multivitamins & minerals Source. Composition: Gentiana ,Alfalfa ,Ginkgo ,Ginseng Presentation: 240 ml