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Indications: Homeopathic medicine for the treatment and prevention of allergic reactions including eczema, itchy, swollen, red or dry skin.Description Composition: Sabadilla3x,Eupatorium Perf 3x,Ferrum Phos 3x,Natrum Mur 12x,Baptisia 3x Presentation: 30 ml


Helpful for Kidney Disorders Indications: Alleviates the symptoms of kidney stones, infection, pain and nephritic syndrome.Useful and effective formula for kidney disorders and urinary tract Infections. Composition: Berberis Vulg ?,Cantharis ?,Pareira Brava ?,Traxacum ? Presentation: 30 ml


An Ideal Remedy for Cholesterol Indications: Homoeopathic medicine for increased cholesterol levels in the body causing a risk of heart disease, decreased blood flow to brain, lethargy, lazziness. Composition: Cynara Scolymus 3x,Solidago Virgaurea 1x,Taraxacum aff ?,Guatteria ,Gaumeri ?,Allium Sat ? Presentation: 30 ml

Crataegus oxy

Helpful for Heart Drops Indications: For chest pain (Angina) ,Hi blood pressure,In regular heart beat ,Blood circulation problem Composition: Cratagus Oxy ?,Catctus Grandi ?,Valeriana Off ?,Allium Sativa ?,Camphora 1x Presentation: 30 ml


Helpful for Diabetes Indications: Frequent Urination. Fatigue.Weight gain.Unusual weight loss.Intensive thirst & hunger.Bruises that do not heal. Composition: Cephalandra Indica O,Gymnema Syl O,Syzygium Jambolanum O,Crataegus Oxy O,Acidum Phos O,Abroma Aug O,Chionanthus vir O Presentation: 30 ml

Gastolic Drops

Indications: Homeopathic preparation for Nausea, vomiting, digestive disturbance, gastritis, enteritis, and gastro-enteritis. Composition: Carbo Veg ?,Mentha Pip ?,Nux Vomica ?,Zingiber ?,Boldo ?,Cinnamomum ?,Citrus Limonium 1x Presentation: 30 ml


Helpful for Liver Dysfunction Indications: Homoeopathic preparation for the treatment of liver disorders, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and jaundice Composition: Carduus Mar ?,Traxacum ?,Curcuma Longa ?,Chelidonium ?,Phosphorus 3x Presentation: 30 ml


Helpful for leucorrhea suppression Indications: Accessive vaginal discharge due to fungal/bacterial/protozool infection,Recurrend vaginitis ,Result Orinanted Homoeopathic ,Remidy for all type of cronic ,Leucorrhea and vaginitis Composition: Ashoka ,Pulsatilla ?,Kresotum 3x,Pending 3x Presentation: 30 ml


Restore Nervous System Tone Indications: Helpful for Stress, Anxiety Panic Disorder, Restlessness,Nervous Tension, Attention Deficit Composition: Avena Stiva ?Passiflora ?,Melilotus ?,Withania Som ?,Acid Phos 1x,Kali Phos 3x Presentation: 30 ml


Helpful for Obesity Indications: Suppresses appetite ,Combats cravings,Decreases Body fat. Composition: Garcinia Morella ?,Phytolacca Berry ?,Allium Sativum ?,Cynara Sco 1x Presentation: 30 ml


Indications: Remove unwanted hair on face, chest or other parts of body. Description: Helpful for Unwanted Hair Removal, For All Types of Sensitive Skins 100% Natural Composition: Echineacea 1x,Oleum Jeco 6x,Thuja occi 3x Presentation: 30 ml


Helpful for Piles Compilations Indications: Sever conditions affected by piles.Helps to reduce bleeding in case of bleeding (internal or external hemorrhoids).,Relives pain occurring from constipation,constant sittung in one position and over eating of fast food.Useful in severe rectal pile conditions arising after pregnancy. Compostion: Ratanhia O,Hamamelis O,Aesculus Hippo O,Aloe Soco 6x,Calc. F 3x Presentation: 30 ml


Helpful for Prostatitis Indications: Homoeopathic medicine to treat all the problems related to prostate gland and improves its function. Composition: Sabal Serrulate 2x,Chimaphila umbellate 3x,Clematis Erecta 3x,Conium Maculatum 6x,Pareira Nigricans 1x Presentation: 30 ml

Public Oraleen Drops

Complete Solution for Mouth and Throat Complications

گلےاور منہ کےمسائل کیلئی

Composition: Belladonna Ø,Glycyrrhiza Ø,Zingiber Ø Presentation: 30 ml

SPM 100

Helpful for more sperms enhancement Indications: Natural choice for maintenance of reproductive health Complete vitamin & antioxidant support.Promotes sperm count and motility.Doctor designed fertility formula to optimize sperm quality. Composition: Ashwagandha ?,Ginseng ?,Saw palmetto ?,Damiana ?,Tribulus Ter ? Presentation: 30 ml


Helpful for Tonsillitis Indications: Homoeopathic medicine indicated in the treatment of tonsillitis, condition having red, swollen tonsils, sore throat, white or yellow coating on the tonsils, difficulty in swallowing,enlarged tender glands on the neck. Composition: Mercuris Biniodatus 3x,Kali Muriaticum 3x,Baryta Carbonica 3x,Belladonna 3x,Ferrum Phosphoricum 3x Presentation: 30 ml

Vigolic Drops

Helpful for Male Sexual Dysfunctions Indications: Helpful for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, depression, loss of self-confidence, low sperm levels in males. Composition: Helpful for Male Sexual Dysfunctions ?,Tribulus terrestris ?,Yohimbinum ? ,Ginseng ?,Acid Phos ?,Nuphur Lut ? Presentation: 30 ml

Vitolic Drops

Nurtures - Protects ? Strengthens Indications: Muscular weakness. Low energy level due to routine work. Weak immune system. Helps to support a long and healthy life span. Complete health restorative tonic for whole family. Helps to restore energy and vitality and colors of life. Slows down aging clock. Composition: Tribulus Terr O,Ginseng O,Alfalfa O,Ginkgo O,Zingiber O Presentation: 30 ml