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Rheumatism and Sciatica Drops Indications: Homoeopathic preparation for arthritis (including osteoarthritis) rheumatism, muscle and joint pains. Composition: Urtica urens ?, Gelsemium ?, Colchicum ?, Gaultheria ?, Guaiacum ?, Salicylicum Acid 3x, Rhus toxicodendron 2x, Hypericum 1x Dosage: 10-15 drops in some water before meals, 3 times a day or as directed by the Physician. Presentation: 20 ml

PC-84 Uriarthone

Helpful For Uric Acid Indications: Regulates and stimulates intestinal excretion, combats gout and rheumatism that accompanies cellulite development, and eliminates uric acid deposits. Compostion: Berberis Vulg ?,Traxacum ?,Rhus Tox ?,Bryonia ?,Uritica Urens ? Presentation: 30 ML


Indications: Helpful for Gout, Degenerative inflammatory Diseases of smaller Joints, Painful swelling Description: swelling, inflammation and joint pain,Relieve the symptoms of gout Composition: Colchicum ? , Guaiacum ?,Berberis Vulgaris ?, Rhustox 3x,Acid Benz 3x, Ledum Pal 3x Presentation: 20 Tables


Helpful for Uric Acid Indications: Homoeopathic medicine for the treatment of increased levels of uric acid in the body causing swelling, pain, redness and tenderness of joints. Helpful in the treatment and prevention of gout. Composition: Acid Sulph 6x,Argentum Met 6x,Arnica Mont 4x,Bryonia alb 1x,Causticum 6x,Ledum Pal 3x Presentation: 30 ml