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Helpful For Disorders of the Blood Circulation Indications: Homoeopathic preparation for circulatory disturbances causing vertigo, tingling, cramps and gangrenous processes Composition: Avena Sativa ?,Daphne Indica ?,Valeriana ?,Agaricus 6x,Crocus Sativus 3x,Aesculus Glabra 3x,Hypericum 1x,Gelsemium 1x Dosage: 10-15 drops in some water before meals, 3 times a day or as directed by the Physician. Presentation: 20 ml

PC-14 Paralic

Helpful For Paralysis Indications: Helpful for Circulatory disturbances can cause a wide variety of symptoms that range from numbness,cramps and tingling sensations to gangrenous processes. Pc14 drops help out these underlying circulatory disruptions, whether caused by injuries, metabolic anomalies or cramps triggered by psychological or somatic reasons. As a result, this medication allows the body to restore its self-regulation capabilities and function properly again. Composition: Agaricus ?,Hypericum 1x,Avena Sativa ? ,Gelsemium 1x,Crocus Sativus 3x,Valeriana 1x Presentation: 30 ML