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Rs 90.00 - 195.00
Homoeopathic Antibiotic Formula, Fast relief and natural prevention, Safe,Effective,Reliable Indications: Helpful for the relieve of all type of viral and bacterial infections.Helps restore balance of body microflora.Supports healthy life. Description: Supports healthy life Eradicate critical bacterial and viral infections Composition: Echinacea ? ,Curcuma Longa ?,Allium Sativum ?


NATURAL ANTI BIOTIC TABLETS Indication: For the treatment of all types of,Viral, bacterial infections,Eradicate critical bacterial and viral infection Compostion: Active Ingredients: Echinacea 1X ,Aconite 3X,Zingiber ? ,Belladonna 2X Presentation: 20 Tablets

PC-24 Feverolic

Helpful For All Types of Fever Indications: PC 24 is supportive therapy for the inflammatory fevers, common cold,fever with burning skin. Fever with hard pulse, high fever with red lace, restlessness, headache due to cold, otitis media. Composition: Ferrum phos 3x ,Bryonia 1x,Rhus tox 1x ,Gelsemium 1x,Asafoetida 3x ,Belladonna 1x,Eupatorium 1x ,Allium cepa 1x,Ocimum san ? ,Justicia 1x Presentation: 30 ML

Public Oraleen Drops

Complete Solution for Mouth and Throat Complications

گلےاور منہ کےمسائل کیلئی

Composition: Belladonna Ø,Glycyrrhiza Ø,Zingiber Ø Presentation: 30 ml


Rs 55.00 - 90.00 - 190.00
Supportive for anti Pyretic, Analgesic and Anti inflammatory Indication: All types of fever due to cold, pain, muscles aches, chest infection and lethargy due to fever. Description: Instant relief for pain and reduces fever. Safe & effective for children Composition: Echniacea ?,Cinnamum ?,Zingiber ?,Eucalyptus ?,Curcuma Longa ?,Mentha Piperita ?


TABLETS FOR TONSILLITIS Homoeopathic formula Helpful for the treatment of tonsillitis (acute or chronic) Indications: Homeopathic formula for the treatment of tonsillitis (acute or chronic),Difficulty in swallowing, coughing, myalgia, fever and chills. Composition: Belladonna 200 ,Phytolacca Americana Q,Ferr phos 6x , Merc Iod. Flav. 6x,Merc Iod. Rub. 6x, Iodum 30,Hepar sulph 200 ,Phenacetinum 3x Presentation: 20 Tablets


Helpful for Tonsillitis Indications: Homoeopathic medicine indicated in the treatment of tonsillitis, condition having red, swollen tonsils, sore throat, white or yellow coating on the tonsils, difficulty in swallowing,enlarged tender glands on the neck. Composition: Mercuris Biniodatus 3x,Kali Muriaticum 3x,Baryta Carbonica 3x,Belladonna 3x,Ferrum Phosphoricum 3x Presentation: 30 ml