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Tablets For Stomch Problems and ulcer, Indication: Treats the problems of elementary canal, stool mixed with blood & mucus, all types of ulceration. Acts as a Gastric Shield,Gastrointestinal support, Tablets For Stomch Problems and ulcer. Composition: Piper nigrum 3x ,Nux vomica 3x,Asafoetida 3x , Carbo veg 3x,Nat. sulph 6x ,Arg. Nit. 3D


Rs 55.00 - 90.00 - 190.00
A SUPPORTIVE SOLUTION TO RESTORE ESSENTIAL FLUIDS, ELECTROLYTES & MINERALS Indications:?Electrolyte replenisher for the treatment and prevention of dehydration .Fast and effective replacement of lost water and body salts.Clinically proven to reduce diarrhea and dehydration. Composition;?Zincum Sulph 3X,Mag. Sulph 3X,Natrum Mure 3X,China 1X,Podophyllum 3X


Relieves stomachache, Nausea and Acidity Indication: Offers complete digestive tract support,Stimulates proper digestion,Most effective stomach formula. Acidity , Nausea ,Stomatitis ,Vomiting ,Stomachache Composition: Prunus domestica Q , Chamomile Q,Traxacum officinale Q ,Nux vomica 3x,Foeniculum vulgare Q ,Carbo veg.6X,Mentha Piperita 2x