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Fast relief of acid indigestion,Heart burn, Symptoms of Gas,Reflex oesophagitis pressure and bloating .


Indications: Fast relief of acid indigestion,Heart burn, Symptoms of Gas,Reflex oesophagitis pressure and bloating . Description: Public Pharma is Best selling and Quick result oriental product for Instant Acidity relief Formula Composition: Zingiber off ? ,Mentha peprita ? Presentation: 240 ml
Remove term: Most effective stomach formula. Acidity Most effective stomach formula. AcidityRemove term: Nausea NauseaRemove term: Offers complete digestive tract support Offers complete digestive tract supportRemove term: Stimulates proper digestion Stimulates proper digestionRemove term: Stomachache StomachacheRemove term: Stomatitis StomatitisRemove term: Vomiting Vomiting


Relieves stomachache, Nausea and Acidity Indication: Offers complete digestive tract support,Stimulates proper digestion,Most effective stomach formula. Acidity , Nausea ,Stomatitis ,Vomiting ,Stomachache Composition: Prunus domestica Q , Chamomile Q,Traxacum officinale Q ,Nux vomica 3x,Foeniculum vulgare Q ,Carbo veg.6X,Mentha Piperita 2x
Nausea, Vomiting, Acidity, Gastritis

Gastolic Syp

Rs 55.00 - 90.00 - 190.00
Instant Relief Formula Indication: Nausea, Vomiting, Acidity, Gastritis Description: Gastro esophageal, refluxes, prevents from all types of vomiting & abdominal discomfort. Composition: Mentha pip ? , Zingiber off ?, Carbo veg 6X, Nux vomica 3X
Homoeopathic formula ,Improves liver ,function


Rs 95.00 - 90.00 - 190.00
LIVER CARE FORMULA, FOR ALL LIVER, DISCOMFORTS & JAUNDICE Indication: Homoeopathic formula ,Improves liver ,function Description: Jaundice ,Loss of appetite,Bile problems ,Fatty liver,Alcoholic Liver disease Composition: Carduus Mar ?,Curcurma longa ? ,Myrica cerifera ?,Nat sulph 3X


Helpful for the Relief of Digestive system Indications: Help forIndigestion,stomach disordeos.Sour erucation,flatulence.Acidity,constipation.Burning in chest and stomach Chronic tendency of irregular bowel movements.Distension of abdomen even after eating a little food.Loss of appetite with apathy to food.Loud Rumbling belching with acidic secretion in mouth. Composition: Zingiber Off , Mentah Piperita,Hydrastis,Chin