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Supportive to Relives Colic and Stomach Cramps in Infants Oral Suspension For Children Indicated in:?Stomach pain, cramp causing. severe pain, crying, disturbed sleep, restlessness, abdominal pain in children. Composition:?Alfalfa ? , Zingiber ?, Mentha Pipreta ?, Cinammom 1X, Magnesium Phosphoricum 6X, Chamomile Vulgaris 3X


Relieves stomachache, Nausea and Acidity Indication: Offers complete digestive tract support,Stimulates proper digestion,Most effective stomach formula. Acidity , Nausea ,Stomatitis ,Vomiting ,Stomachache Composition: Prunus domestica Q , Chamomile Q,Traxacum officinale Q ,Nux vomica 3x,Foeniculum vulgare Q ,Carbo veg.6X,Mentha Piperita 2x


Indications: Relieves heart burn, acidity, nausea, stomatitis, stomach ulcers, Complete and simple solution for all stomach chronic problems, Best to stimulate Digestive Description: A complete to permanent Solution for all chronic Problems?. Keep Stomach calm to healthy Composition: Zingiber ?,Cinomonium ?,Mentha pip ?,Carica papaya ? Presentation: 240 ml

Gastolic Drops

Indications: Homeopathic preparation for Nausea, vomiting, digestive disturbance, gastritis, enteritis, and gastro-enteritis. Composition: Carbo Veg ?,Mentha Pip ?,Nux Vomica ?,Zingiber ?,Boldo ?,Cinnamomum ?,Citrus Limonium 1x Presentation: 30 ml

PC-09 Stomolic

Helpful For Acidity and Gastritis Indications: Supportive therapy treats afflictions of the gastrointestinal tract and regulates stomach function, including proper acid regulation and stomach secretion. This medication also eliminates the the underlying causes of stomach overacidity,gastritis, gastroenteritis, stomach pressure and cramp and burning sensations. Composition: Lycopodium 3x,Zingiber ?,Carbo veg 6x,Nux vomica 3x,Hydrastis 1x,Robinia 3x,Asafoetida ? Presentation: 30 ML