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Supportive for Productive & Non-Productive Cough Indications: Helpful for all types of cough like spasmodic, allergic, whooping arising from infections of throat and chest.Chronic Cough with expectoration in cases of asthma, bronchitis. Description: Aids rerlief from infection,Chronic cough,Expectoration in asthma, bronchitis Composition: Hedera Helix ?,Glycyrrhiza ?,Mentha Piperita ?,Zingiber ?,Camphor 6x,Ammonium Mur 3x


Rs 90.00 - 195.00
Homoeopathic Antibiotic Formula, Fast relief and natural prevention, Safe,Effective,Reliable Indications: Helpful for the relieve of all type of viral and bacterial infections.Helps restore balance of body microflora.Supports healthy life. Description: Supports healthy life Eradicate critical bacterial and viral infections Composition: Echinacea ? ,Curcuma Longa ?,Allium Sativum ?
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NT-Biolic Drops

Natural Antibiotics Formulation Indications: Indicated for the treatment of all types of bacterial infections, inflammation,fever and pain.Formula to support a healthy life and balance of microflora in the body. Composition: Allium sativum 2x,Zingiber off 2x,Curcuma longa O,Sambus nigra O,Allium cepa O,Belladonna 6 x,Echinacea O Presentation: 30 ml