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NATURAL APPETIZER & GROWTH ,ENHANCER Indications: Mental & Physical Growth, Poor Digestion, Loss of weight,Dwarfness,Weak bones, Weak memory, Rich in Vegetables Fibers & Organic Minerals Composition: Alfalfa ?, Ginkgo Biloba ?, Ginseng ?, Zingiber ?, Cinnamomum 1x Presentation: 240 ml

Mathi Chord

Indication: UNIQUE AND COMPLETE ,SOLUTION FOR EARTH LICKING ,DESIRE FOR INDIGESTIBLE Description: Effective treatment for earth-licking.Diminishes the desire for eating non edible items Composition: Alfalfa ?,Nux Vomica ?,Kali Phos 3x,Cina 3X,Silicea 3X,Ferrum Met 3X,Citrus Limonium 3x