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( Bed Wetting Tablet?s) Indications: Reduces bed-wetting and nervousness in children,Homeopathic safe remedy Composition: Equisetum 200 ,Causticum 200,Kali phos 6x, Kreosote 200,Belladonna 200, Medorrhinum 200


Growth and Memory Enhancing Drops Indications: Homoeopathic preparation for children who have imperfect assimilation, impaired growth and development, anaemia, feeble digestion, lack of concentration and poor memory. Composition: Abrotanum ?, Acidum phosphoricum 6x, Chelone glabra ?, Verbena ?, Cypripedium 6x, Kalium phosphoricum 6x, Pituitary 4x, Baryta Carb 3x, China 1x Dosage: 10-15 drops in some water before meals, 3 times a day or as directed by the Physician. Presentation: 20 ml

PC-66 Bed Wetting

Helpful For Bed Wetting Indications: Pc-66 is supportive therapy for indicated to treat nocturnal enuresis (Bed Wetting), has regulatory effect on sphincter muscles and psychosomatic sphere to control unexpected micturition (uncontrolled urination. Composition: Belladonna ?,Causticum 6x,Cina 6x,Kali phos 6x,Sepia 30,Alfalfa ? Presentation: 30 ML