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NATURAL APPETIZER & GROWTH ,ENHANCER Indications: Mental & Physical Growth, Poor Digestion, Loss of weight,Dwarfness,Weak bones, Weak memory, Rich in Vegetables Fibers & Organic Minerals Composition: Alfalfa ?, Ginkgo Biloba ?, Ginseng ?, Zingiber ?, Cinnamomum 1x Presentation: 240 ml


Restore Nervous System Tone Indications: Helpful for Stress, Anxiety Panic Disorder, Restlessness,Nervous Tension, Attention Deficit Composition: Avena Stiva ?Passiflora ?,Melilotus ?,Withania Som ?,Acid Phos 1x,Kali Phos 3x Presentation: 30 ml

PC-53 Mamorlic

Helpful For Memory?Enhancement Indications: PC-53 is supportive therapy for the absent mindedness, short and weak memory,useful for depression, indicated for memory loss, vertigo and dizziness. Composition: Anacardium 3x,Nux moschata 3x,Phosphoricum acidum ?,Mag phos 3x,Kali phos 3x,Avena sativa ? Presentation: 30 ML