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Supportive to Calcium Supplement for different agesIndications:?Growing Children,elderly patients,Osteoporsis,fractures,Pregnancy & lactation,Aches in muscles,Teeth discoloration,Poor appetite. Composition:?Alfalfa (Medico Sativa) ?,Calcarea Phos 3x,Calcarea Carbonica 3x


Indications: Anemia Decrease levels of hemoglobin during pregnancy and lactation Blood loss due to menstrual problems,Ferrolic increases the level of Hemoglobin, vemoues debility. Description: The Complete Syrup tonic for deficiency, Anemia, Pale conditions. A Powerful to healthy life Tonic. Composition: Ferrum Phosphoricum 3x,China Off 3x,Ferrum Muriaticum 3x,Ferrum Metallicum 3x Presentation: 240 ml


Anaemia ,Iron Deficiency Indications: For anemic patients or those who lack RBC?s, Vital Formula for red blood cells formation. Composition: Active Ingredients: China 3x Nat Phos 1x,Ferrum lacticum 1x,Ferrum met 6x

Irolic Tonic

Rs 90.00 - 190.00
Safe & Effective, Natural Formula helpful For Anaemia , Iron Deficiency Indication : Helpful For anemic patients or those who lack RBC?s.Vital formula for red blood cells formation. Composition: China 3X, Ferrem lacticum 1X,Ferrum met 6X